With the Top Location project the photographer (Jaka Babnik) and the researcher (Miha Colner) together documented, listed and reflected on the omnipresent phenomenon of sculptures and installations positioned on islands of roundabouts which are a relatively new phenomenon in Slovenia, dating back no more than fifteen years. However, this series of photographs and documents has been entirely executed in 2017.

Decoration of roundabouts, however, is not an exclusively local phenomenon since it can be traced in a number of European countries. Many of the sculptural solutions and examples of urban planning indicate that the aspirations of commissioners, mostly local communities, are very similar–to create as explicit, unusual and innovative presentation of its own identity as possible. The series of photographs thus showcase the results of visual exploration of a modern cultural landscape which always reflects the zeitgeist. In Slovenia, especially, the roundabouts inevitably reflect the socio-political and economic situation that led to completely new approaches of selecting, commissioning and executing what is currently the most thriving form of public sculpture. In the period of growing consumerism and expansive tourism these public monuments on roundabouts introduce a new kind of decoration and designation of public space.

The photobook Top Location, which was released by Rostfrei Publishing and Sektor, showcases a visual and contextual reflection on the current state of mind, subtly enticing discussion on this phenomenon.