11. 12. 2018

“When he hit the door the second time, I covered the hole with a poster” exhibition at Kresija Gallery

8 artist’s were invited to make work based on horrific stories told by the survivors of domestic violence as part of the show/campaign for raising awareness about this ever-present problem. I put on display a diptych of what could be/are two totally regular locations, where as both could serve as places of pure happiness for some, while being places of the worst memory possible for the others.
Photos from the opening by Kaja Brezočnik for Kresija Gallery

9. 10. 2018

Sometimes going an extra mile is just more than that

Reproduction/stitch from 14 images (160 x 780 cm) of Riko Debenjak in Maksim Sedej’s hidden fresco (for MGLC).

4. 7. 2018

Roundabout throwback. Top Location exhibition at Vetrinjski dvor, Maribor, 28.5. – 13.6.2018

22. 6. 2018

Ljubljana for GEN Annual Report / KOFEIN DIZAJN

22. 6. 2018

Petra Varl – Near Light, Galerija Božidar Jakac, Kostanjevica na Krki

30. 5. 2018

Failure to communicate

15. 5. 2018

Евгений Онегин for Celje City Theatre

Promotional images for Alexander Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin that premiered last Friday.

12. 4. 2018

At Rostfrei Publishing we published a new book

GRANDHEROES by Tadej Vaukman. 112 pages, 294 × 220 mm, edition: 200, soft bound.

3. 4. 2018

Milenko Matanovič and IRWIN did some walking yesterday

8. 2. 2018

Images for the “Community, Art and Nature” project

Some of the portraits of the artists residing in Švicarija Creative Centre and images through acrylic glass used for the graphic identity by Mina Žabnikar and Ivian Kan Mujezinović (Grupa Ee) for today’s “Community, Art and Nature” project opening.